You Are So Beautiful, My Dear Sweetheart

My dear sweetheart,

I want to tell you about my feelings for you, about how beautiful you are in my eyes.
You are so beautiful that no matter how many times I see you, my eyes are always glued and attracted to you as if a magical spell can only allow me to see you.
You are so beautiful that my heart beats stronger and faster every single time I lay my eyes upon you.
You are so beautiful that everything around me goes into silence and I only see and hear you. Everything else vanishes.

You are such a beautiful person that no living being could ever surpass. Your glorious smile is mesmerizing and stunning. Your alluring presence calms me down and makes me happy, so happy to just be near you. You are my dream come true.
I love you until the very last breath … you are my everything!

You are so beautifulYou Are So Beautiful is a love letter written by Gabor Timis, copyright © 2020.


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