You Are My Hope And Dream

My Sweetheart,

My world turned into heaven when I found you. There so much happiness and joy knowing I have found my true love in you.
I have been so glad and so proud you are mine because you are one true person, so faithful and so loving.

You are different from any other person that I knew before. So much honesty and beauty comes from within you. When people look at you, they would come to like you too. I hope you will never change. I hope you will stay the same ’cause I love the way you are.

You are so amazing that you make me feel complete. I would not want any other person. I only want you in my life. I could not love anyone because my heart only cries for you.
I would be useless and worthless in this world, no reason to live any longer if you are not here with me, if you will leave me.
Loving you is my joy. I promise I will not exchange you for anything.
You are my hope and my dream that is coming true.

My hope and dream


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