You Are My Beautiful Angel

Dear sweetheart,

Every sound of your voice is like music to my ears; a soft, serene lullaby that lulls me to sweet daydreams. The melodious whispers of your enchanting voice lift my empty spirits and calm my weary thoughts. Your enchanting smile chases all my worries and uncertainties away.
You are my beautiful angel and you have a very special place in my heart that no one could ever replace, be it in this lifetime, or any other lifetime.
I never thought that I could meet someone so amazing. I never thought that I could be this happy. I promise that I will never let you go. Allow me to spend an eternity with you.
My wonderful, amazing, beautiful angel, I love you with all my heart and soul.

Eternally yours.

Beautiful angel, love letter You Are My Beautiful AngelThis love letter was submitted by Tom Gibbs.


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