Thinking About You – Visions Of You

My dear,

I went to the park for a walk and I sat down on a bench thinking about you. The serenity of this natural setting started flooding me with memories and emotions.
The slow rustle of the leaves reminded me of your loving whispers and melodious, calm voice. Looking at the flowers at the side of the pathway, I could see your beautiful face with your radiant, yet fleeting smiles that are so you! Then my vision of you grew bigger, more clear, and so vivid that I thought you were next to me once again. I was mesmerized by your presence, completely engulfed in your aura of love and splendor. It was a very happy moment … moment that stretched long into the day, all the way into the evening and night, as I kept thinking about you without pause.

My darling, my one and only love, I miss you so much! These moments with visions of you next to me are constant now, as I count down the days to your return.
Being apart from you is more difficult than I ever imagined, I feel hollow inside and my emotions are so palpable they actually hurt … my heart is empty, longing for our reunion.

The only way I can be whole and happy again is to be with you. I love you very much.

Thinking of you at sunsetThis love letter was written by Gabor Timis in 2015. Gabor also writes love messages and love poems.


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