The Many Reasons Why I Love You

Sweetheart, here are just some of the many reasons why I love you …

I love your beautiful eyes
I love your sweet smile
I love your gorgeous hair
I love the sound of your voice
I love your cute nose
I love your body, everything about it
I love the way you look while you are deep in your thoughts
I love how you always make me smile even if I am at my worst
I love how you make me feel wanted, beautiful inside and out
I love how I can never imagine a life without you
I love how you understand me
I love how I can be myself with you
I love how you can always know when something is wrong even when I tell you that I’m just fine
I love how when you wake up, you call and greet me right away
I love how you bring out the best in me
I love how you taught me to love myself
I love how we text and talk throughout the day
I love how you say “I love you”
I love how we have so many great memories
I love how you turned my life around and made it better
I love how we sometimes stay up and talk literally all night
I love how we figure things out in our relationship to make us stronger
I love how you have patience with me even when I push it to the limit sometimes

I love how you care about me
I love how you accept me the way I am
I love how we plan our future together
I love how I dream about you every night
I love how I know I will always be there for you
I love how much we cherish each other
I love how I am so comfortable with you
I love how you hold the key to my heart
I love how you are my strength and my weakness
I love how happy you make me
I love how I want to stay with you forever
I love you for you and just you
I love how much we mean to each other …
The many reasons I love you, beautiful

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