The Many Reasons I Love You

My sweetheart,

I love you because of the way you make me feel when I am with you.
I love your eyes, your smile, your gestures, your laughter, your sweet voice … your everything.
I love how you make me smile and cheer me up.
I really love how your body feels next to mine.
I love the way you look at me and how your eyes sparkle.
I love how we complete each other’s thoughts.
I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and always will be.
I love how I see myself through your eyes.
I love that we will grow old together.
I love that you listen to what I say and how you tell me what you feel.
I love that you are the last voice I hear before I go to bed and I am the first voice you hear when you wake up.
I love how you complete me, how you make me whole.
I love the way you push my hair out of the way and caress my face.
I love the way you kiss my neck, my lips, my eyelids.
I love your thoughtfulness, your tenderness, your sweetness.
I love the way your voice sounds over the phone.
I love the way your voice sounds whispering in my ear.
I love your unique ways about you, your small habits and the little things you do.
I love you now and have always loved since the very first day I saw you.
There are many more reasons why I love you, my darling, but most importantly, I love you because you are You!

Why I Love You


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