Thank You Letter To Sweetheart

To my one and only sweetheart,

Before I met you, everything seemed so dark and empty. I’ve always felt that I’m alone. It felt like I was slowly dying. Void of love, I was falling into pieces.

Then I met you. I never knew that an angel could lift me up from the abyss I was falling into. The sadness that has plagued me since then simply ceased to haunt me. You are my angel who gave me a new lease on life. I never knew that love could find me again as I was trapped in the pits of hatred and loneliness. I never knew I would meet someone who would care enough to save me from the desperation of loneliness.

I can’t find the words to say how grateful I’m for finding someone like you. I love you now and for all of my life, my sweetheart. You came along and made the wonderful dream of finding love realization. I could feel your heartbeat echoing my name. It was the most wonderful song that I have ever heard in my entire life. You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. You complete my entire being. You gave me more reason to live life fully.

You are the very reason that I want to wake up every morning. As the sun signals another bright morning, I’m looking forward to the days that I would spend with my angel. I could never ask for more. Thank you.
I will always love you, my dear sweetheart!

Thank you, my sweetheart


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