Sweet Love Letter To My Dear

My dear

Even the greatest poets in the world could not find the words to describe my feelings for you. No matter how long we’ve been together, my love for you only grows stronger. Loving you makes me feel like I can conquer anything the world throws at me.
You’re always there to cheer me up when I feel low. You’re always there to make me howl with laughter whenever I feel like I’ll never laugh again. Whenever I’m ill, you’re my medicine. Whenever I’m broken, you fix me. You’re my life line and to be honest, a pure miracle worker! I’m so grateful that I have you in my life.
But no one in the world can make me smile from ear-to-ear as you do. When I hear your voice, my heart pounds so hard I feel like a wild animal is trying to escape from my chest.
I love you now and forever.

Heartfelt love letter

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