My True Feeling For You, Dear Sweetheart

My dear sweetheart,

I keep thinking about you, mostly all day, every day … it is time for me to reveal my true feelings for you.
Although I know very well that this space won’t be enough to contain everything I feel about you, I will try to convey the gist of it.
You keep showing me that in every age and any place, true love exists, and I’m so happy to have found you when I did. Simply thinking about you makes my soul come alive, and my heart can’t stop fluttering when you are next to me.
You’ve given me an extraordinary gift only my heart can decipher. You finally bonded me in the web of love because I can’t even stop myself from loving you. Indeed, I love you with the full power of my soul, with the full vigor of my heart. You and only you.
Even if everything changes in this world, my love for you will remain untouched. It will always be constant for you, my sweetheart.

True feelings

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