My Special Feelings For You

My dear,

I know that I don’t talk very much and so often I fail to express my feelings for you. Most of the time I just say a few words, even if my heart would like to tell you novels.
I want to assure you that my feelings for you are as strong as on the day I proposed to you. In fact, over the years, they grew stronger and the bond is unbreakable.

I haven’t told you lately that you are the reason my days are brighter and even after long days of work your presence soothes all my aches and troubles. I haven’t told you lately that I would be lost without you; that life would have less meaning, less color, less excitement, less of everything … I haven’t told you how much I love you.
So now, in writing, I want to etch in stone my love and devotion to you so that it will be there for all eternity and you would never need to doubt it.

Yes, I love you, I love you … I love you very much.

My Special Feelings For You is a love letter written by Gabor Timis © 2017
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