My Love For You, Dear Sweetheart

My sweetheart,

Loving you is something I just can’t stop. There is no controlling my heart. It has yearned for you for so long, the only song I sing is of your beauty and kindness.
In every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you fills me.
My love for you is endless like the drops of water in the ocean, like the grains of sand on the beach, like the number of leaves in the lushest forest.
My love for you is enduring and loyal, it is deep and stronger while maturing and getting more intense each day.

I love you … madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.
I love you for being yourself, and I love you because of the person you made me become.
I love you and I always will until the day I die.

Eternally yours.
My Love For You
My Love For You, Dear Sweetheart is a love letter written by Gabor Timis, © 2020.


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