My Heart And Soul Reveal My Love For You

My dear,

I so want to be the one that earns your love. Let me be the one to end the fears of disappointment and let me show you what real love could be like.
From deep within my heart and soul, I tell you that I am nothing without you by my side. You complete the dream of where I want to be … which is, with you by my side.

There is a love in your heart that shines brighter then any light could, there is a passion that seeks to be free. Let me into your heart, my dear, as I sincerely seek a partner in my life; the half that I’ve been missing out all of my life. I see in you that love that is bursting to envelope you, cherish you, protect you and adore you.

Sweetheart, these words are meant for you alone. I know that fate has brought me here across your path so I can reveal my love for you. I’ve laid all that I am on the table for you to see and I hold no secrets from your eyes. Just look into my eyes, into my heart and soul, and you will know that I speak the truth.

Yours, eternally.
From my heart and soul


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