My First Love Letter, From My Heart To Yours

My dear,

It all started that memorable day when I first laid my eyes on you. I still remember clearly that it was actually my heart that “saw” you, as it was lighter and beating faster for no apparent reason at all. It was a day that will forever stay with me, until the my last day on this Earth. Indeed, it was the day that changed my life. A life made better, all because of you.

I just wanted to write my first love letter and put on paper my feelings for you. I am usually quite bad at writing but somehow, thinking of you now, words start flowing almost on their own.
Let me tell you that I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have found you in this world. My love for you has grown with each day, each week, each month we’ve been together and I simply can’t imagine being without you. I absolutely believe that we were meant to be together, that our fates are interlocked and inseparable.
You are my strength, my better half, my steady path, my inspiration, my shelter from the sometimes cold world … my one and only love.

Know that no matter what life brings, our love will persist and even get stronger.
I will always be there for you, day or night, happy or sad, no matter the circumstances. I love you!

From my heart to yours …

Beauty and love

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