I’m Thinking About You All The Time

My dear,
I’m thinking about you all the time, every day. You haven’t left my thoughts. Ever. Not even once since you went overseas.
I miss the stories you would tell me. I miss seeing your smile, I miss your soothing calm voice. I miss every moment being with you and i truly I despise every moment without you.
I keep thinking about how happy we were together and this sensation of emptiness strikes me hard. I can feel it strongly saddening me. I so wish we could be together again, but I know that I just have to be patient as you will come back.
I count the days, sometimes even the hours, as ridiculous as that may seem.
I keep looking at our pictures together and when I see your smiles, my heart starts beating faster and I feel better momentarily.
I hope that you miss me too, just the way I miss you. Are you thinking about me, too? Tell me, my dear precious one.
Until the day we reunite, I will be miserable …
I love you dearly.
Thinking about youLove letter written by Gabor Timis, March 2018.

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