I Am So Sorry Apology Letter


I have been thinking quite a lot lately about what went wrong and what makes me feel terribly awful. I have to accept that lies and falsehoods will not lead me anywhere, but I guess I was just really head over heels falling for you!

Lately I have noticed that you seem to turn cold whenever we chat. I am not sure, but I hope that my feeling is wrong. I should have been giving some reasons for what I feel.

Perhaps you have been busy these past few days or have a lot of pressure at your work? I’m just not really used to this, you do seem quite cold. Whenever we chat, I just want to have the best of it, the best of you and the best of us. I might have said it’s a “game” but it is not. I am really longing to have you back. I want to see you and be with you.

I know that I have hurt you with what I’ve done and I am asking for your forgiveness and hoping that we could start all over again. I am so sorry. I really cherish those moments when everything was going great. I could hardly take the reality of losing you. I truly want you back.

If loving you was wrong, I don’t want to be right. If living without you is right, I would rather be wrong all my life. I love you and I always will. Just remember that.

Love always.

I'm sorry apology letter

Edited by Gabor Timis (written by a friend).

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