I Am Crazy About Your Kiss

My dear,

Your presence is like a cold wind blowing all over me. It makes me tremble, it makes me feel so weak that all I want is for you to wrap your warm loving arms around my shivering body.
Your face is all I want to see each passing day. Sometimes I feel like I am hallucinating because wherever I am, I see you there. It is a wonderful feeling.
I am really crazy about you, baby. I am crazy about your kiss that always leads me to a place of forgetfulness. It makes me forget the rest of the existence … it is just you and me I see… you and me, only.

Now, tell me, my dear, how can I not love you this much, when every time you look at me, all I feel is how deep is your love for me?

I am forever yours.


Written by a friend, edited by Gabor Timis.

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