A Reason To Be Happy

My dear,

I just wanted to stop you for a second and remind you of how much I love you and how much you mean to me.
You have showed me what true love really is.
It’s amazing the way you make me feel. Nobody can make me smile and laugh or even feel as special as you do.

You give me a reason to be happy. I couldn’t imagine being happier than when I am with you. It’s like I lived in darkness all the years until the day I met you – when the sun came out for me.
A shining beacon of love, a radiant and marvelous angel you are! You envelope me with your sweet embrace and fill my heart with pure bliss. You are a true blessing!

I feel safe with you, you are my best friend, my soul mate, and my everything. I am so lucky to have met you.

Love, always.

Reason to be happy
A Reason To Be Happy – Loving someone with a pure heart and having that love reciprocated makes a person truly happy and content in life.
– Copyright Gabor Timis, 2018.

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